Evergreen Complex is a luxury hotel near Mount Vezhen

Relax in the picturesque valley in Old River Ribaritza.

Evergreen Complex is a three star hotel located 2 km away from Ribaritsa village at the foot of Mount Vezhen at 750m altitude. Situated in a picturesque valley on both sides of Old River Ribaritza near the biosphere sanctuary Tsarichina and Central Balkan National Park. According to the Ministry of Health, this area has the cleanest and fresh air in Bulgaria.

Located in an area of 4 acres Evergreen Complex together with five separate two-storey villas with common infrastructure fit perfectly in the surrounding forests. 

Hotel guests can enjoy the outdoor swimming pool, restaurant with 50 seats, Vienna salon 50 seats, 25 seats Barbecue, sauna, jacuzzi, tennis court, football field and gorgeous garden.

At your disposal at Evergreen Complex:

  • 10 rooms
  • 2 suites
  • 3 maisonettes
  • Restaurant, Vienna saloon, Game room, Outdoor Pool
  • Fitness centre, Sauna and Massage room, Jacuzzi
  • Parking
  • Tennis court and Football pitch
  • BBQ for 25 people and oven barbecue build in traditional style
  • 2 floor villas for a family retreat with barbecue, fireplace, kitchenette, terrace on the second floor and 2 bedrooms.


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